CH148805 Cyclone - From the Investigator

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Report / January 6, 2021 / Project number: CH148805-E-Cat

Location: Shearwater, NS
Date: 30 Nov 2020
Status: Investigation Ongoing

Traditionally, CH148 Cyclone aircraft delivery from the final assembly plant to 12 Wing Shearwater has been accomplished via contractor crewed ferry flights.  Due to the COVID-19 environment, the ferry flight has been split between contractor and DND crews, changing crews at Bangor, ME.  Once the DND crew and aircraft arrives in Shearwater, an aircraft acceptance check is carried out.

During the aircraft acceptance check for aircraft CH148805, avionics technicians inspected the #1 Power Distribution Unit as per the Fleet Work Instructions.  Terminal wire lugs T1, T2 & T3 were found unsecured. T1 was missing its securing nut, washer and lockwasher but was still contacting its terminal stud. T2 & T3 were found hand tight (see picture). A Foreign Object Damage (FOD) check was carried out and all missing hardware for T1 lug was located just below in its cover panel.

There was no damage or injury resulting from this occurrence.

The investigation is working collaboratively of with the manufacturer to assess the root cause(s) of the occurrence. It is also reviewing the DND acceptance check for CH148 Cyclone aircraft. 

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