Our People

The men and women of the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) and their civilian colleagues are the RCAF’s greatest strength, the heart of the institution and the foundation upon which the RCAF’s future is built. They are extraordinary and professional, capable of accomplishing great things, setting standards of quality that are respected around the world. Day after day, night after night they contribute directly and indirectly to the delivery of air and space power for our nation.

Our airmen and airwomen are guided and inspired by the achievements of those who have served in the Air Force throughout its history.

Here are some of their stories.

A man wearing a military camouflage uniform and a Christmas hat stands in front of a decorated Christmas tree holding a piece of paper on which is written: “Joyeuses Fêtes! / Happy Holidays!”

Do not let a pandemic stop your celebrations…connect virtually

Lieutenant-Colonel Jean-Sébastien Morin, RCAF Command Chaplain, reminds us that, during this Holiday season, which will be different from any other we have known, we need to stay connected and never hesitate to reach out for help or support.
December 22, 2020

Two men wearing green flight suits and masks hold a certificate together.

Move over Maverick! Canadian Pilot graduates TOPGUN program

On Tuesday, November 24, 2020, Captain Chris ‘LIME’ Swartz graduated from the United States Navy Fighter Weapons School - Strike Fighter Tactics Instructor program, more commonly known as TOPGUN.
December 21, 2020

A man wearing a military camouflage uniform stands in front of a Canadian flag and military crests.

Vandenberg’s multinational CSpOC team supports NASA’s multinational space missions

RCAF’s Major Michael Lang talks about his participation in two historic NASA missions over the past year, during which the United States launched astronauts into space from its own soil for the first time since 2011.
December 15, 2020

A man and a woman work out in a home gym.

Track and field for Masters Athletes 8: Cross-training

This is the eighth in a series of articles covering all aspects of Masters athletes’ training and nutrition for track and field events. In this article, we examine cross-training, which is a very important tool for all Masters athletes.
December 14, 2020

Six men run on a track in a stadium.

Track and field for Masters Athletes 7: 400m Training Program

This is the seventh in a series of articles covering all aspects of Masters Athletes’ training and nutrition for track and field events. Here, we will take a look at how properly planned training will greatly impact your success.
December 7, 2020

A woman wearing a blue military uniform plays the bugle under a big tree among tomb stones in a cemetery.

“Last Post” presents challenges for buglers

Many people cannot hear “Last Post” without tearing up. For the people who sound it, suppressing an emotional reaction is not the only challenge.
November 10, 2020

An engraved granite memorial with a crumpled piece of metal resting on the ground on one side, and a remembrance wreath resting on a stand on the other side.

Delta 673’s lost airmen commemorated

Eighty years after they mysteriously vanished, the aircrew of Northrop Delta 673 were commemorated and a granite monument unveiled in their honour on September 14, 2019, deep in the New Brunswick woods.
November 9, 2020

A man wearing a tan camouflage uniform and blue beret holding a camera.

We remember Master Corporal Darrell Jason Priede

Master Corporal Darrell Jason Priede, a military image technician serving with the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan, was killed when the Chinook helicopter he was a passenger in crashed on May 30, 2007.
November 9, 2020

Five men wearing flying gear stand in a row in front of a Second World War aircraft. One is holding a young black labrador dog.

The hero around the corner

Lewis Johnstone Burpee, one of those who died during the famed Dambusters' Raid, was from a neighbourhood called the Glebe in Ottawa and a graduate of nearby Lisgar Collegiate Institute. Author Dave O’Malley, who lives and works in the same neighbourhood, ponders Lewis’ life and death.
November 6, 2020

An elderly woman and man wearing blazers with medals sit on a couch, looking at each other and smiling.

Second World War RCAF couple recognized

Corporal (retired) Anne McNamara and Flying Officer (retired) Howard McNamara are featured on this year's Veterans Affairs Canada’s Veterans' Week poster.
November 4, 2020

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